Gem Consultation

     ASTROGEMOLOGY is extra ordinarily popular nowadays . People from various parts seek the advice of Sreekumar Kurup in wearing suitable gems.
   One must be very careful in selecting a suitable gem.  Several methods are prescribed for the selection of gems, by the ancient Rishis. Gems are being suggested as per date of birth, birth star, moonstar (Janmarasi) Dasa period and also numerological process.  But it is advisable to select a gem according to one’s horoscope (Natal Chart)  After casting the correct horoscope , the strength of the planets are to be scrutinized. .  In a horoscope Lagna (Ascendant), fifth house and ninth house represents body mind and fortune respectively.  If the lords of the above mentioned three houses are weak, the gem according to that planet is to be used, especially; this selected gem can be used throughout the life time.  No harm, if a native is compelled to use three gems simultaneously according to the horoscope.  Because the lords of trines of (Thrikona houses Lagna, 5th house and 9th house) are YOGAKARAKA PLANETS.
    Our ancient Rishis have suggested suitable gems for the nine planets.  They are fully explained in the basic classics of Astrology like BRIHATHSAMHITHA, VARAHAHORA etc-  Ruby for sun; pearl for moon; Red coral for Mars; Emerald for Mercury; Yellow Sapphire for Jupiter; Diamond for Venus, Blue Sapphire for Saturn, Zircon for  Rahu and cats- eye for Ketu.
      There is prescribed procedure to prepare and wear each gem For example, the gem prescribes for Jupiter in YELLOW SAPPHIRE.  It is to be worn on the forefinger of the right hand.  Because, Jupiter’s area lies under the forefinger the rays of Jupiter will be transformed with that of the gem and so acts suitably in the body of the person.  The ornament can be made in gold or silver, preferably in Gold, since the gold is pertaining to Jupiter.  The gem is to be worn on the KALAHORA of the Jupiter on a THURSDAY. Each gem is to be cleaned on every Thursday at the time of sunrise.  Minimum two carats are suggested.  In the same way, the procedures for other planets are also prescribed.
     From the long experience, it is felt that on wearing NAVARATHNA ornament the effect is not fully gained. Because, the gems used happen to be in small quantities.   The power gained in less.  It is advisable to remove the gem ornament at the time of meals and also at the time of sleep in bedroom.

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