Hereditary Astrologer, Sri Sreekumar S Kurup of CHERPU KALARI, started taking interest in Astrology from the tender age of 14 years.
        CHERPU KALARI is one of the very ancient kalaries in Kerala.  There were well studied astrologers, Ayurvedic physicians and kalari athletic performers in the family in the previous generations.  The forefathers of CHERPU KALARI arrived from THULUNADU.  Three scholars from THULUNADU settled in Amballur in Thrissur district, and one of them settled in CHERPU, according to the invitation of the chieftain of the village, belonged to CHITTUR MANA.  The particular person established permanent kalaries at CHERPU and started to perform and teach the Kalari athletic art.  Simultaneously, the family members also practiced Astrology and Ayurveda and gained much fame among the country people as well as outsiders. The accurate predictions in Astrology and the excellent performances in Kalari athletic art immensely impressed the ruling king and the chieftains.  They honored the Astrologers and Kalari Chiefs by giving titles, valuable gifts and free residential areas.
      Late, Jyothishartathnam Sri K K Kurup (1906-1973) was the most famous astrologer in the recent generation.  He established the well known astrological institution”Jyothisha Kalalayam” at Cherpu since 1937.  His timely predictions through his ‘JYOTHISHAMASIKA’ attracted VIP’s and Govt ministers. The magazine was eagerly read by the malayalees all over the world. Political predictions were very accurate. 
      Naturally many politicians sought consultation with him frequently.” JYOTHIRBHOOSHANAM PANCHANGAM” was a unique yearly publication of Jyothishakalalayam.  JYOTHISHAMASIKA   was the only Malayalam magazine which celebrated a silver jubilee, Moreover he published many   astrological books like ‘’JATHAKA KALPATHARU’’, "PHALADARPANAM" , VIVAHAM ASHTAVARGAM etc.  A research library containing all the classical books in Astrology  in English Malayalam and Sanskrit , was formed by Sri Kurup.
      SHASHTYABDAPOORTI of Sri S kurup was grandly celebrated at CHERPU on 19th and 20th of November 1966 along with a Jyothisha seminar at all India level.  It was on this auspicious occasion the title ‘JYOTHISHARATHNAM’ was given to him followed by a Gold Medal and.  “ASTHALAKSHMI VEERASRINGHALA” and 
“ANKAVASTRA" presented by Jagal Guru Sankaracharya of KANJI KAMAKOTI PEEDA.


Sri Jyothishartathnam K K Kurup
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