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About Chithra Jyothishalayam

    Hereditary Astrologer, Sri Sreekumar S Kurup of CHERPU KALARI, started taking interest in Astrology from the tender age of 14 years.Being the grandson (eldest son’s son) of Jyothisharathnam Sri K K Kurup, Sri Sreekumar S Kurup has followed the footsteps of his grandfather. He learnt Astrology systematically from many veterans and Universities.Later he started practicing Astrology from the age of 21 years under the banner CHITHRAJYOTHISHALAYAM. All branches of Astrology ,viz Horoscope, Horary Astrology (Prasna) Thamboola Jyothisham, Electional Astrology, (MUHURTHA)  Matching of Horoscopes Ashtamangala Prasna and AstroGemology are  being dealt with in this reputed institution.

The Gemstones

    Our ancient Rishis have suggested suitable gems for the nine planets.  They are fully explained in the basic classics of Astrology like BRIHATHSAMHITHA, VARAHAHORA etc-  Ruby for sun; pearl for moon; Red coral for Mars; Emerald for Mercury; Yellow Sapphire for Jupiter; Diamond for Venus, Blue Sapphire for Saturn, Zircon for  Rahu and cats- eye for Ketu.

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